Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Two day scramble

So Monday and Tuesday were my first two days off in 17 so I needed to get something accomplished and fast. Monday started out wonderful (NOT) I spent 3 hours dealing with the DMV trying to get the trailer licensed to to no avail. It seems that the bank and the DMV have different rules on how the title is suppose to be presented. Gosh I wish It could be like the Peoples curse where you take the one that pisses you off the most and crush them. In this case it would have been both!

Anyhow I needed to destroy something and fast, so our little car was the victim.
I started with cutting out the battery holder, hmmm starting to feel a little better.
I then moved on to tearing out the interior seats, carpet, console and dash, feeling better.

I then moved to take out the rubber sound insulation that goes along the floor and up the firewall behind the driver. Pat with Team TARP racing told me about using an air chisel to break it all off. Thanks to his info and an hour of venting here are the results of day one.

I'm all better now!

Day two

Day two started by me renting a plasma cutter from a friend. I have never used one before so i didn't know what to expect for results. I started with the sunroof top, it got ugly quick. I could not get the cutter to start up, a phone call to Jeff and adjusting the air pressure and some more adjustments and bamm! it worked. I then proceeded to get carried away, I found out I can't draw a straight line to save my life or yours. It started to get ugly again, my little compressor that I have had for years didn't like pumping life into the plasma cutter so it's little engine died.
Well out to the new trailer to tear out the compressor it has. A half hour later and I was back up and running. I learned that by using a straight edge I could do some real quick work of cutting out weight.

I then tried my hand at doing circles with mixed results but results just the same.

Second try is always better than the first.

Well that's it! I think we are back on schedule for the race, next week will be a full roll cage with an engine thrown in somewhere along the way.

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Matthew said...

We used a sledge hammer for the sound deadining removal.. worked like a champ!

You guys have fancy tools... we used an air shear to gut out the innards!

Can't wait to see it on the track!

Free Range