Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Time on my hands

I had lots of it this afternoon (time that is) so I started looking for other Lemons blogs and came across this page.
I am impressed, but sad at the same time. If these stats are accurate, and I am definitely not going to question them, cause it hurts my brain, our little Toyotas are just a little better than average in competition. I for one think that we are definitely going to get a lot better results in the races coming up, 'cause we are all out of excuses. Thanks to "wastingtimewithmikeandari" for more useless information.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Thursday, December 11, 2008

First team meeting

Last night we had our first team meeting, it started out great with news that there are a total of three races next year, within driving distance. We have lots of decisions to be made but now everybody has seen the cars, the garage and what's ahead of them in the following year.
We won't start doing anything until after the first of the year. We will at least get our team entered into the races, praying to be accepted, "cause we all need acceptance"(somehow I don't think that was such a great statement). We have to put our money where our mouths are. Speaking of money we don't have any, "sponsors" "sponsors" "sponsors". The guys didn't seem too upset when I mentioned money, I think that's a good thing.

Paul: mechanic, welder, safety, clean-up
Andy: electronics, mechanic, driver
Bob: apprentice, mr2 guru, driver (Bob owns two mr2's) he's got a beautiful 87' he said we could use for parts!
Craig: mechanic, design engineer, driver (the man with the connections)
Jerry: Token foreigner, back-up driver (just don't ask him to back-up) and destroyer of anything we ask him to remove from the car.

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Engine

We got really lucky, I guess reading up on Toyota's is a good thing when your looking for a engine. MR2's are pretty hard to find in Utah especially in a junk yard but Pull-a-Part had a 89 Celica GTS with a nice little 4age motor just waiting for us to go crazy on. After an early Saturday morning trip and 3 hours of knuckle busting action, o-yea and a $140.00 bucks we have our donor.

The Car

So we bought our first car, the usual rust bucket, cancer ridden vehicle you find parked in a field anywhere in Utah. Yep! it has a blown engine, I think "OPEC" saw a spike in oil consumption when this little baby decide to spew it's guts all over the road.With a little persuasion and a lot of bullshit we got the car for $250.00 bucks, I can believe how sentimental the guy was about the car, but he was pretty understanding when we told him we were going to strip the car and race it. It's funny how so many guys totally understand you when you say your not interested in the car as a daily driver but as a race car, at this point they really want to help you out. I guess it's a guy thing.

In the Beginning

In the beginning my little brother and I were invited to race with Team V-Ram, we loved it so much we decided to start another team here in Salt Lake City. I think anyone out there that has caught the racing bug can understand why there is a need for speed. There is so much satisfaction in taking a car that basically you would be so embarrassed to drive on any street and putting it on a race track for everyone to make fun of. I guess what I mean by this is that when you take the time and tear a car apart, putting just enough parts back into it so that you hope it can last another couple of hours, and seeing such a car survive the "24 Hours of Lemons" you have to be just a little crazy. Not insane though, the safety measures put into these cars in my opinion makes you feel safer than driving your daily vehicle on the street.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Knights of the round track

Well we've done it, the car is officially road worthy, talk about a miracle. We started with a car with a blown engine (oil everywhere) and now we have a "crap can" with one of those nice used engines from Tear Apart. Everything is going according to plan, I just wished we had one. Our first team meeting is coming up soon so we can decide what gets ripped out in preparation for racing.
Knights of the round track is a great spoof on Monte Pythons "The Holy Grail" so we do have a theme, we will start taking pictures of the project and posting them to the blog for all to see.
We have a mascot the Black Knight (see pic above) I just hope they will let him ride on our car when we race, that would be cool!