Friday, April 20, 2012

Multipla Begins again

So after racing the MRolla at Sears in March it's time to move on to the next project. I have been ignoring the Multipla too long and it really needs my attention. To bring you up to speed, the Multipla is the smallest mini van made by Fiat, it is about 11 feet long and 48" wide and 52" tall So if you have heard the term "Bread Box" you will understand. As you can see in the picture that the car has some big ass fenders. These are actually the subframe of the Toyota MR2 that was installed underneath the body of the Multipla. Why? you ask, well when we bought the Multipla there was no subframe (or should I say there was rusted metal in the form of a multipla. We had to redesign the whole car to fit our needs, I needed it to look cool, fast but still hold most of the charm of the car. What you see here is the rear end rust cut out and replaced with new metal and then painted with Pour 15 to stop any rust.
One of the issues is to shape the new fenders to look like the Fiat 600 Abarth of 1961
Bob came over and helped me out in getting some shape in the fender.
We started by putting wax paper on a rigid plastic and bending it over the back of the body.

Next we mixed a two part marine foam to create a carve-able shape.
A little trick to this is to mix the foam in a plastic bag and cut the end off to pour. Less mess and less waste.

Just make sure all of your holes are covered!

Once we did the back part of the fender we moved to the front part. I installed a motor fan in the wall of the body and set it up so that we can carve a vent in the fender to allow air movement over the engine and back to the radiator at the rear of the car.
The finished product just waiting to be carved and then Fiber glassed to a smooth finish.