Friday, March 20, 2009


So our first week into this craziness went pretty well. I was able to acquire a trailer with all the goodies like a generator, compressor, tire rack and cabinets.
Bob worked on sponsors and our new logo for the race, when we get stickers we will send them to our followers. After saying quite a few choice words and grinding and cutting for a couple of hours the front suspension is done except for shortening the coils and alignment. That will come later once we get the car running. Here are some of the latest pics.

Notice the notch I cut into the frame trying to get the bolt out. Only to find out later that I didn't need to do it. It made for an easier time when I cut the bolt out of the passenger side control arm.

Nice Pretty red bushings. I know the Judges will see them right away but you have to give them something to bitch about or they will be just bored as hell with our entry.


Matthew said...

I am so jealous of your trailer! Can't wait to meet your team in Reno!

Free Range Racing

Bender said...

Matt, you guys scared me straight!
When I saw what you guys were up to.. I decided I didn't want to bring all of that extra snow with me to the race. Looking forward to seeing the Free Range Owl floating above your car.