Sunday, March 8, 2009

Let the fun begin!

Well we did it, we started something that's going to be hard to stop now. We got together to do a little engine thrashing and photo taking to officially set the wheels in motion for the Reno race. We know we still have not been accepted for the race but at this point I don't really think that matters much. We are a team and that's a good start.
Bob and Andy did some more crazy work and pulled the engine out of our little racer. I think we will be good enough at pulling engines that if it ever comes to pulling it out of the car during the race we could probably do it. It may take us a couple hours but now we know it can be done. I think we got some of our inspiration from Larry's brother Joe when team Snow Speeder Association attempted a full engine replacement at the track at Altamont in 08. Here are a few pics of us working on all the wiring and such, notice the nice layer of sand on the motor and around the top of the engine compartment. I think I learned the real reason you wear safety glasses and keep your mouth shut when you under the car. I used an impact wrench to remove an engine mount and the car fought back the only way it could, with sand and lots of it. Lets just say when you take the car to wash it, you do your best to get the damn engine hood open! Having said as much we did really good for the first 6 hours of work on the car.

Jerry joined us for the team photo and Bob said something about using the photos to persuade some sponsors to give us some much needed moolaa...

Here are some pics of this weekend, Judy of course had to pic us at best or in some cases our worst poses. Enjoy and thanks to everybody for their support including Judy our "Official Photographer"

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Larry said...

Spring fever now equates to wrenching pox.