Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's Alive!

OH! Wait, Not Bob! The car is alive!

The two Bobs came over on Wednesday and did the best Earl Scheib paint job I have seen in quite a while. They used only the best paint $2.99 can buy and used a whole six cans on our black beauty. Their professional attitude toward the job and the serious attendance toward detail has paid off. The car is now black and not any black but "Satin Flat Black". They will be doing the top secret stuff on Monday, Sorry no Photos.

Andy came over today and we went through and put in all the liquids.
We finished installing the "Kill" switch and tried to start the car. we heard a click and then smoke, not the good kind of smoke either. I was concerned that the previous owner had really screwed the wiring up which he had. Andy did some splicing and I got under the car and pulled the starter, after a few miracle adjustments and a prayer it started. Andy is going to to come over one night this week and trace down all of our wiring issues.

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