Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mister Salty

We finally found the time to go out and test the car. Larry had taken the time to get all the info on going out to the Bonneville Salt Flats, so we chased him out to the middle of the desert.

Our newly acquired used trailer towed incredibly well. Probably the first time I actually enjoyed pulling something behind me. The car fits nice and snug, so we now are stuck with little cars for racing which is not a bad thing.

Andy and Larry drove out to the the selected spot and started putting up a road course for us to practice on. I actually think everybody had more fun going as fast as they could and doing a little drifting.The car handled fairly tight but was really a blast to push. So we found out the engine is strong the suspension is nice and stiff and the transmission is close to toast. The car shifted fairly nice for about a half an hour and then it started doing the busted knuckle grind going into 2nd gear. "SHIT" oh I mean Darn! As the test progressed it started showing signs of doing the busted knuckle grind going from 3rd gear back into second. I guess this is why they call it a test.
I will be working in the shop tomorrow pulling the engine and trans and putting in our back-up tranny. Hoping that it will do the job. Geese only five days till the race and I am back to work, I guess my break will be at the track. Those beers Larry left in my cooler will taste nice on Friday night.

Our team of very experienced salt lickers, ready to tear it up in Reno.

Some people think it's heresy to wash a Lemon, I was thinking that we could leave all of the salt on but I don't think it will pass tech or the judges although it looks pretty cool to have the claim and proof of going through the desert forty days and forty nights to compete with our brethren in Reno.


J F S said...

Looks like you guys have got it together.. Larry tells me your transmission swap to 7 hrs, good job!! I feel like a proud Grandpa.. I've spawned so many Lemon Heads!!


Pat Mulry said...

Good luck tomorrow guys. Wish I could be there.


Pete P said...

It was great to meet you guys! My email is Petep99 at yahoo, send me a line!

Pete, Killer Bees.