Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Roll Bar continued

Here is the latest on the roll cage.
A few of you were asking if I as going to skin the doors and run the bars out into the panel. Well I have to tell you this is probably the most difficult task in building the cage for me. I think I got lucky the top bar sits nestled in the groove of the of the door card. I chose to keep the door card for additional strength just in case we get T-Boned. I think it will work just fine. So now I have a question, Per the rules of roll bar padding on areas around the driver, do the door bars need to be padded?
I will be doing the cross bar that goes under the steering wheel as a last addition.
The whole thong should be done Saturday so we can get some other things done. Like a Motor.


Matthew said...

I don't think ours is padded, and we passed tech with it. Nice door bars btw.. look just like ours

Free Range

Bender said...

Damn, why didn't you tell me you had door bars, I would have loved coming over and cutting them out!