Sunday, April 19, 2009

Work Continued

Bob T and Andy came over on Saturday and worked on the car. They were lucky to get to the shop because of the Marathon that was going on that day. It took Andy an hour and a half to go the twelve miles from his house. We lost power shortly after they arrived and it was off for most of the day. We surprisingly did get a lot done, Bob and Andy were successful in pulling the motor from our street car and prepping it for installation into the race car. I finished most of the cage and took the two five speed transmissions over to the car wash. It was not a pretty sight when I came back with black clutch carbon all over my face and clothes. Larry came over for some parts and to bring me a piece of exhaust we need to make our car complete, and we wrapped up the day.

Sunday was a quiet day at the shop, the weather couldn't have been any better.
Progress on the engine started a little slow. I went to Napa to pick up a throwout bearing for the transmision, later to realize from everything I could see there is no throw out bearing for these engines. God Please don't email me now and tell me there is one because the engine is in and everything mated up and went together nicely.
The throw out bearing they have listed is too small to fit the shaft and the shaft is the same size as the hole in the crank shaft.
I looked in the book and could not find reference to one anywhere, so the engine is in the car. My buddy for the day was the hydraulic jack shown in the picture, he made the install go very nicely. The next project is to find out why the previous owner cut a lot of wires to install his bastardized alarm system. This may take a while since he cut two main connectors completely off that come from the CPU. More study of electrical this week.

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