Saturday, April 11, 2009

Latest Progress

40 days left till Reno, and this is the latest.
Thursday I got all of the gear together and started the roll cage.
Things started out a little slow, I guess I was dreading doing another cage.
I started with the dreaded main hoop, one miscalculation and I'm screwed and the DOM pipe isn't cheep. My first try and all is well!

I decided to move on to the Pillar Towers and get them in place so I could size up the main hoop. This takes too much time, in my opinion. Both Pillars are in and the boys came over to inspect the work.

Bob, Bob T and Larry their friend came around to look so I didn't get much more done. I would like to welcome our 5th team member to the group, Bob T.

Day Two: Friday
Today Bob and Bob T joined in the celebration, it was nice to have some help working on the cage. I think we got a lot done. Thanks guys!

Bob went through and put the rubber coating on all the sharp edges so us "dumb asses" won't get hurt when we are crawling around under the car.(Mainly Me!)

Day Three: Saturday
Andy joined in the celebration today and again it was nice to have help with the cage.

We are very close to having the cage done. I hope to finish the front pillars and have the door bars done tomorrow. then the only thing left will be the harness posts and cleaning before we paint it all up.

Next week the engine and decorations. Thanks again guys!

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Matthew said...

Did you gut the doors out, and extend the door bars out into where the door cards would be?? Pics of the doors plz!!