Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Support for MRGOOZIE

For those who are following the blog here is the latest on the project.
One issue that came into play is where to put the gas tank. The original actually sits in a tray just behind the rear passengers head and is inside the vehicle, something I am not really a fan of. The Idea is to use the MR2 fuel tank in its original placement which is mounted outside and in the middle of the car under the center rail as I call the hump. Here is the progress of tying the Fiat into the center rail.

I needed to cut the last 18" of the rail into two pieces in order to get a fairly accurate measurement so that I didn't cut into the steering arms that are just under the old rail.

Once I positioned the pieces back into place I tack welded the top to secure it. I then cut off most of the tabs I was using to hold the tunnel in place and welded the rail in place from underneath to have a cleaner finish.
Next was getting the old Fiat framework to line up with the MR2. The biggest issue is that the Fiats front main support skids that tie all of the front steering together really don't exist anymore thanks to RUST! I needed to build a new support structure that would allow me to move the car around and also replace those skids at a later date without having to do more unnecessary cuting.

Not my greatest welds but anyone who has worked with a welder will tell you, RUST is pretty much impossible to work around. After cutting out what I could this is the support structure I came up with.

Now that both sides of the center support structure are finish this will allow us to lift the complete car off the ground so we can work on the fuel tank and suspension.

Next on the list are the new passenger floor boards, the old MR2 pans were cut out, Why may you be asking? Well of course more RUST!

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