Saturday, January 1, 2011

A new car coming!

So Judy and I visited Jeff at his work. His Boss is designing a new 3 wheeled car and Jeff, Blaine and a couple of other design engineers get to build them. Lucky @#$$@#%'s

Jeff showed us the original mock-up and three new concept designs that he gets to work on. It was interesting to see how the concept has Evolved from a square tubed frame that weighed close to 700 lbs. down to round tube frame that is closer to 300 lbs.

They all have motorcycle engines, they originally were going to be chain drive, now they will have a direct drive shaft with paddle shifters on the steering wheel. One design has a Porsche front end and a couple of others are designed off of BMW steering components. All have Willwood braking components with huge disks up front and a smaller rear disk.

Jeff says a thousand will hopefully be produced, they will all be leased and even though they are licensed as a motorcycle they will all have airbags. WAY COOL!

Pictures would follow but since this is still under development, Jeff and the team are sworn to secrecy. Once they put them on the road I will post some really cool pictures.

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