Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Progress

The latest progress on the MRGOOOZIE.
As you can see when we last left you we had no floors for the passengers. This can be quite a problem, not only can small animals and screaming children be lost on the road but all of that precious food and fine wine can also be lost. As the Italians would say " Diomio! Che disastro! Miseria!" (my God, what a disaster! what misery!)

I don't know about you but some of my cargo is very precious so I went about fixing the problem.

Another issue was tying the old part of the Fiat door jamb into the new floor while making sure the doors would shut in their normal but rusty position.

Now that the passengers are somewhat safe it is now time to move onto the drivers floor, even the driver isn't safe anymore!


jeremy said...

nice, er, welds...

Bender said...

Only the person who falls through the floor will know if they are nice or not! :-}