Thursday, July 16, 2009

30 days till Buttonwillow

So everyone knows what happened to the Black Night at Reno/Fernley.
We have been working at a feverish pace to try and get everything ready for Buttonwillow. The Black Night now has a semi-rebuilt motor and it does run, with a total of 5 gears to move it around the track. We have not taken it out and really tested it yet but we are confident with a spare motor we may have a chance.

The temperature at the track is going to be our biggest threat, we are working on that one. We have a few things in the mix to try and keep the hot-heads cool so we won't have to haul anyone off to the emergency room.

We have some new headgear for our radio system and I hope it helps with in-car communication. I am looking into antenna systems to give us a little more radio range,
I understand your not suppose to do that, cause it makes the radio police angry.

Buttonwillow in 30 days, ICE, WATER, and lots of PRAYING are our best hope for a great time. Hope to see everyone there.

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