Tuesday, June 16, 2009

News Flash!

As first seen on the News at 11. Yes the "Killer Rabbit" did get loose from the Nights of the Round Track. The first reporter on the seen verifies the sighting of the Killer Rabbit trying to cause havoc on the Killer Bees.
Though no actual battle was engaged the trauma it caused to Pete with Killer Bees was irreversible. He has now claimed that due to loss of memory he will not be able to join the fight at Buttonwillow, it is a very sad day indeed. We have fresh evidence that the Killer Bees are not the only team that was traumatized by the rabbit. Possible electrical problems to the Snow Speeder Association, and overheating to the Volatile Ram may have caused by the antics of the Killer Rabbit.
Knights of the Round Track are very sorry for the problems our rabbit has caused, we have now recaptured him and he has taken his place back a-top the Black Knight. We will be working very close with Free Range Racing to harness the energy of the Killer Rabbit and utilize it in our quest at Buttonwillow. After all we know it's only a Bunny!

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