Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bring on the Chaos

This weekend will be the official start of the new season of wrenching for Lemons racing or as some people call it "Utter Chaos" and to make matters worse we are joining forces again with our sister team VRAM. Yes that's right Billy! Larry and I are going to resurrect the MRolla for another run at greatness. What's that Sally? Well sure we are going to have other drivers! Why we are going to have some of the best drivers money can't buy including the likeness of Jim Hall, (Pat Mulry from Texas) Shirley Muldowney, (Judy) and an unknown driver who goes by the the name of Wil who is most famous for being Peddle car champion of 1968-1969.
O.K. enough of the silliness we are contemplating racing two cars in the Sears Infinion race this year. Thanks to Ruben we are seriously thinking of having a Triple Suck weekend at our first race. We will be at the Ponderosa this weekend to actually do some wrenching and pulling of motors, all are welcomed. Stay tuned for more....

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Larry said...

I'm not a sister!