Saturday, July 16, 2011

Need Brakes Part 2

After working on the possible disk brake set up the next thing to do is to check for clearance between the suspension and brake caliper. With the front sway bar removed and a small chunk taken out of the suspension the calipers will now have the clearance to ride in the suspension pocket on a full turn.
As you can see without the cut the bottom stud of the caliper would shear off on a left or right hand turn. Not a problem in Lemons since all we do is drive in a straight line. Not to worry though the steel that was cut out has been replaced with
more structural steel making the car even heavier.

Here is the mock-up once the notch was taken out. I think it's going to look cool with disk brakes.
Of course I can't allow the rust survive, and it's really getting on my nerves. At this point I just want this part of the project over. As you can see it's on everything!

After a whole lot of wirebrushing grinding and acid washing and lots of showers in between (Thanks Judy for not getting too mad!) here is the end result, with a little help from paint.


Some new shocks, rotors and calipers and they can go back on the car.
Eric wrote: "You are a lot insane". Ummm...yeah a little too much at the moment.