Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Last of Animal House

Buttonwillow raceway was the scene of the 3rd and final part of the trilogy we called Animal House. I would have to say that this year was all around our best performance so far in the 24 hours of Lemons endurance racing. To wrap up I would like to say Thanks to all who supported us in our endeavors.
Andy: For all of the electronics expertise, willingness to get in and get the job done at crunch time.
Bill: Working on the car on every weekend even though you missed out on the last two races. Getting us Parts at cost, that was awesome. Racing at Sears with us and keeping me from killing another driver on purpose.
Larry: Helping on the car even though for two of the races you were on your brothers team. Racing with us at Thunderhill and willing to dress in a Toga and looking like an idiot like me and Pete.
Pat: For sending me a plethora of invaluable info on the MR2. Allowing me to come out and race in your car to get a better feel of what the MR2 can really do. Racing with us at Sears and keeping me from killing another driver on purpose.
Stevo: For flying all the way from Indianapolis to drive with a bunch of idiots and not complaining about how tight the car was to get in and out of. Oh yea and keeping me from killing another driver on purpose.
Pete: For being a real stand up guy and racing with us at Thunderhill. Dressing up in a toga and enjoying it a little too much!
Ruben: For joining us at Buttonwillow and driving the hell out of the car. Committing to race with a team you had no previous knowledge of and being a real stand up guy.
Judy: For all of your support financially, mentally, and most of all your willingness to get your hands dirty without any complaints. Also thanks for being the only driver on our team who had "0" black flags for the whole season...Way to Go!
Bob: For doing most of our Logo designs, theme designs, and working on the car even though we never got you out on the track.
Team Snowspeeder, Killer Bees, and Free Range Racing for supporting us in the pits.
Thanks to all of you. Next year will be bringing a lot of changes to Stick Figure Racing. As most of you know we have a new car in our stables and another that we will be building in collaboration with Team V-Ram so come out and join us in all of the fun.
If I forgot anyone please forgive me and thanks for your help. If your reading this and have a tingling feeling in your pants and want to race with us let us know. We welcome all people and sponsors and cash.

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