Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It worked!

The Swirl Pot really works.
After making a enchilada can into something more useful than a memory of last nights dinner gone bad and boy am I paying for those enchiladas I ate, our swirl pot worked.
We finished the race in style and along with that we helped Team "Nerd Herd" by loaning them our back up swirl pot half way through Sunday morning so that they could finish the race. When I asked for the swirl pot back after the race they insisted on buying it from me. $40.00 dollars later they are the proud owners of technology that is somewhat still a mystery but works really well. More news on our incredible race when I get pictures to go with the story.

1 comment:

rOOkieRacer77 said...

I can't believe you sold the 'enchilada technology' for 40 bucks! Anyway I glad to hear that it worked. J