Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lunch with Larry

So Larry from team V-ram/Snow speeder and I had lunch today so that I could pick his brain about the Thunderhill race. Larry said there was no comparison between T-Hill and the previous Altamont race. T-Hill is nice and open, and you have less chance of playing bumper cars, which equals less car damage overall. The track was a lot faster and you really felt more competitive, although he did say there were quite a few more yellow flags. Having said that, he has a few good suggestions that we will be following at Reno.
Fueling was a big issue for us at Altamont because all we had were the 5 gallon store bought tanks that ended up being sloppy and a little dangerous because of spillage. Larry suggested using a 35 gallon tank with a hand pump to fill with, he said it was quite a bit quicker to fuel with and a lot safer.
Overheating, During Altamont we had major problems with overheating due to not getting all the air out of the system. I think we have resolve that issue. Larry did mention that having a separate switch that turns the radiator fans on manually does make a big difference in cooling while on the track.
We will be trying to park next to Snowspeeder, V-Ram and Free range racing at the Reno event.
Larry thought that having teams that drive mr2s close together helps a lot especially when one team runs into trouble. It's all about being a team and assisting our bretheren when they are in trouble. Thanks to Larry for taking the time to share the input.

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